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Appian Illustration and Icon Style

During the rebrand and website redesign process, I was tasked with redefining the Appian illustration and icon style to breathe new life into the brand and allow for more robust designs and video concepts.

Illustration Initial Concept

When designing the initial concept for the illustration style, I aimed to match the new voice of the Appian brand, which was the intersection of human and digital. The direction I landed on was a clean vector style showcasing how the diverse customer base integrated with the Appian product.

Creating a Cast

Once the rules were set I proceeded to create a larger cast encompassing different body types, cultures and backgrounds. The various pieces of the individuals could be mixed and matched together to create new graphics easily while allowing designs to feel fresh. Some individuals were designed to represent the company, while others represented the customer base, allowing the creative team to tell stories through the characters' interactions.


Additionally, I was responsible for creating a brand new icon library to represent the bold new direction the brand was taking. To date, I have made over 300 icons from scratch, in both regular and reversed, covering topics that range from technical, to social, to fun.


With a library of icons and illustrations made, I was able to implement them into designs across the Appian brand, including social campaign designs, blog posts, website graphics, and presentations. The library was also made accessible to the rest of the company
to be sure that assets created by others were able to remain consistent with the brand.

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