Fjord: Federal Student Aid
For this client, my team was tasked with updating the website for Federal Student Aid. This included a visual and functional overhaul to the primary site, as well as many ancillary services that were all previously hosted on different sites. Combining these many sites into a more cohesive service that authenticated users are able to access easily was our primary goal. The process of redesigning the site's many featured also included in depth user testing, which informed many of our decisions.
LOCI: Web App Design
I was the design lead for the patent technology startup LOCI. It was my responsibility to work alongside the development team to convey the many complex concepts to it users in a clear and understandable manner. The core of the website was it's search feature, which allowed users to learn the novelty of their patent idea, so all elements on the site were built to facilitate a more robust and informative search experience. Additionally, I was responsible for constructing the companies brand from the ground up, from the logo, colors and brand guide, to the many icons I created from scratch.
Bluetext: Client Work
In my 5 years at Bluetext, I rose from an entry level position to leading a team of 4 designers. While taking on leading responsibilities, I continued to work hands on with many unique clients including some of the work below. Sites such as DeWalt, Build With Chocolate Milk, and Mindtree were built or rebuilt from scratch to accomplish problems unique to each client.

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