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Workday approached Bluetext with a desire to create a more unique case study experience. The client wanted us to tell the story of how finance managers can put their tools to work. The initial plans for executing on this idea began simply, with just a print piece that emulated a pop-up book to be printed and handed out, but as the team discussed ideas, we saw opportunities to do something more interesting. The plan shifted to be a multimedia approach allowing for more in-depth explanation of the impact Workday makes in its users. The core of this new approach was a web based animated pop-up book detailing the different tracks that Workday's impact can take, including mergers and acquisitions, market disruption, and global expansion.


Along with the web design and general art direction for this project, I was responsible for story boarding and illustrating all of the scenes that would later be animated by our team's motion designer. I began by rough sketching out what each scene would look like and collaborating with the client about what the content would be for each step. As the ideas were solidified, refined sketched were then turned into vector illustrations and exported for the motion designer to create animations for each scene. In the end 3 primary scenes were created with 'choose your own adventure' style branching decision points, success, and fail states.

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